Monday, 16 August 2010

Pencillines, Echo Park and kit fun

So my girl kit from Bons finally showed up Friday 8 days after it was postage (can you tell why I'd rather order from the US, cheaper and usually here within 10days) anyway it's chock full of Echo Park and Prima and very bright and fun to play with.... so far I've created the following two layouts with another couple of projects to come :) plus there are still kits left if you'd like to grab one :)

Meeting You - Inspired by the Pencillines sketch from last week (#199) was heaps of fun to play around with this sketch. This is Charlotte :) sooooo long ago now, well somedays it feels that way others just a blink of an eye. See the envelope mat, have to thank Kat for that idea ;)

Somedays - hmmm this layout has actually been inspired by Julie Fei Fan Balzer I loved this layout in this post the bottom one, just the misting and the layers of paper, and the title in the corner. One incredibly talented chicky that's for sure. This is just about how difficult Mr Dea can be somedays, and how he can throw the most crazy tantrums :(

Well that's that for the time being

come back soon



miasmummy said...

Love your LO's Nic!! xxx

Genevieve Rodriguez said...

These are gorgeous! You sure were struck with inspiration!

milkcan said...

Love your layouts! And the layers of fun and misting on the second one are fab! Thanks for sending me a link!

JessiW said...

I love those layouts!! I love Julie's work too...she is awesome:) Have a great week
Love, Jess