Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Big 5 months

Can't believe this little fellow is 5 MONTHS old.

hanging out with Uncle Reece and Laura, how ADORABLE are they :)

Adams' 5 Month stats

Weight - 7.4kg
Length -  68cm

Eating 3 HUGE meals a day and having a snack
Still loves booby too :) and still feeding about 5 times a day too
Can sit for short periods of time
 LOVES the jolly jumper and the walker
Laughs when you take his clothes off
Is sleeping through, usually from 7.30-8.00 (somedays its been 9.30)
Has about 3hrs sleep through the day
Loves to have cuddles and reaches out for more
Likes to push himself backwards when on his tummy
'eats' whatever he can pick up, or get towards his mouth, wallet, jewellery, clothes, face washer, our hands, if it goes anywhere near his mouth, mouth is open trying to eat it.
Drinks from a cup, with us holding if of course ;)


Donna said...

Wow Nic.. He is growing so fast.. and he is sooo gorgeous!! x

Tanya Tahir said...

he's growing up so fast, Nic. What a cutie!

miasmummy said...

5 months already!! What a little cutie, and so grown up! I suppose with 3 big kids to watch, he wants to do it all too! xx