Saturday, 14 August 2010


Nikki awarded me with this

nearly a month ago and I keep meaning to put it up

really how long after birth can you stop claiming baby brain (lol) cause lately that's my excuse for getting everything wrong or forgetting it.

Ok so rules of the award. I have to list 5 things about myself

hmmmm you all pretty much know all the little bits

1. I don't get any of the vampire movies/books. They just don't interest me

2. I cannot watch horror movies

3. going on from the horror movie thing I LOVE true crime shows, (how weird am I, can't watch the fiction but love the fact)

4. I'm the best procrastinator on earth ;)

5. Know I can live on 4-6hrs sleep but give me 8 or more and I'm a train wreak.

ok so to pass this on

Promise I'll get the photos off the other computer and do a proper update :O)

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