Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hey hey

I know, been MIA again, but I'm reallllllly trying to get my Master's Entry finished. Taking me much longer than I expected it too. Single is GOING to be finished tonight, just procrastinating, LOL, really is that unusal for me.

Adam was FIVE months last weekend so I've got to do an update on him too. My baby is already 5 months where has that time gone

Plus been trying to spend as much time as possible with mum when she's been home, after we were all sick for most of July it's been good spending some time with her. YAY

Just wanted to stop by and say hi.....


I'm off to finish printing photos and get my butt into gear, wish me luck


xoxAlyssaxox said...

Goodluck Hun :) Can't wait to see your creations xx

Sarah Lou said...

good luck!!!! you more then deserve masters!

Chantal said...

Good luck Nic, you will be the best Master ever. :D

Peta said...

cant wait to see it - actually cant wait to know it is DONE :)

Sandra said...

Hi Nicole, been meaning to pop in, just keep getting sidetracked, have to have a good read and catch up with what you have been up to.
Pleased you are getting to spend some time with your Mum, please say Hi from us at SO.
Good luck with the Masters, it would be so easy if you knew what they wanted.
It was so nice to see your name pop up tonight, hope we get to see it a lot more.
You take care.

Renee said...

Good luck Nic!!! I would love to see you as one of the next masters!

Sar said...

So happy to have seen on your FB that your Masters is done! Glad you popped in to blog and say hi. xoxo

Marcy said...

Cant wait to see you MASTE THE MASTERS Nic...You will be amazing for sure ...goodluck!!!!