Sunday, 27 July 2008



Photo for Yesterday thanks to Donna, :) who also brought some very very delish white chocolate muffins and chocolate slice. YUMMO thanks again hun.

Had a good time with my first class, thankfully I think it went well.

sent them home with some stitching homework though, just goes to show that I need to make my pages just a little less challenging, but still me. Have some product to be working on my next class. Just don't know what I'm going to do yet.


This is todays pic.

We went down to the markets this morning, ran into a few people, two who were in class yesterday and the other is the gorgeous Ann Lederhose link that way ------->>>>>>>>

Ann has some fabulous news to share so make sure to check out her blog over the next few days, lets just say I got some yummy goodness to play with. hehehehehehehe, and I can't wait to share it.

Also met the lovely Annemarie and Warren from Stuff 2 Scrap and the big pink bus, very noticeable.

Not much else happening

Charlotte's been throwing some HUGE tanty's, seems like there is something in the air at the moment, everyone you talk too has got a painful child, just seems more unbearable being pregnant though. Oh well, just suppose it's the stage where she's trying to test her limits and work out exactly how to communicate her feelings.

Planning on getting some scrapping done in the next hour or so, better get off here so I'm able to do it.

Take care and happy Sunday Night



Donna said...

Yeah.. love the pics gorgeous.. and finally got one lo done.. just gotta do my stitching now.. chat soon and can't wait for the next class.. It was great fun!

Jaimie R said...

WOW your belly is getting nice & big now :) How exciting to teach a class, you should do online versions too for those of us that can't copme to the bricks & mortar one.. good luck creating xoxo

Nic said...

You are looking fabulous.. I LOVE that second pic of you. What great memories you'll have with all these pics.
The class was lots of fun, you did well! I'm keen to catch up for another next time you come up..
And tanty's.. I know all about those! Girls are soo good at them too...
Catch up again soon. xx

Lali said...

Oh look at that belly you look great Nic and that second photo is just glad you class went well LOL about the homework

Leanne said...

Wow! Nicole, you look amazingly like my cousin...It's scary the similarity. Could we be related! Lol! Good photo. You are so much braver than I was with the belly shots!

Have a great day,