Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Slowly retreating

Just haven't been able to concentrate on anything for the past few days, finding it hard just to sit for 10 minutes.

I'll probably be around less and less as I get closer to having this bubba.

Not feeling very inspired at the moment either, everything I'm doing seems to look the same. Well in my eyes anyway. Doesn't help that I broke my record for rejects today 19 in a row. So great for the creative mind.

This is a few pages that I have finished in the past week or so.

Using Ann's fabulous new range of Chippy. Don't you love that ICECREAM. you can find more details about what she has created here. Check out her goodness, will be coming to a shop near you soon.

This is a 1,2,3 Challenge, for July.

This is a just because page, loved that photo I took on Sunday and just had to scrap it.

Not much else happening,



Belinda Venables said...

Slowing down is a sign that your bubby is nearly here...yay...:D

Not too long to go now. The day will be here before you know it.

I love all of your layouts and I don't think that they look the same at all. :D

Make sure you rest and put your feet up - says me "Doctor Belinda" pmsl.

Chat soon,


Nic said...

Sounds like you're having a 'moment'... nothing wrong with that! You can afford to slow down, you've been doing so well!
These pages are great! Don't look the same to me either.
Take care. xx

scrapwitch said...

your work is always super interesting nic...dont let the rejects throw ya ..your amazing ...
relax and enjoy the 'break ' you deserve'll be pumpin them out again asap

miasmummy said...

Oh you sweet girl! Don't worry about those rejections... you are such a fab scrapper, you don't need any editor or whoever to affirm that for you! Just ask me, I love your work and I'll tell you!!!! I was amazed at the work you have been doing, I've just been sitting on the couch eating chocolate every night, I did wonder where your energy level came from coz I had none! Take care of yourself.... xxxxxxx

Binxcat1 said...

Loving all these Nic... and ditto to the above... your work rocks... and THANKS for the elsie... I have used some in my latest IDOL entry... **wink** **wink*** **nudge** **nudge**... subtlety has NEVER been my strong point! LOL ;)

suzie said...

Hi Nic,you have some great LO 's there.Take Care Suzx

Wendy said...

cant be long to go now...good luck with everything

Tam said...

I love your work Nic, and how can you say it all looks the same....NEVER...and as for the knock backs...Their loss my sweet.
Have a great week...Tamj xxx

Leanne said...

Wow Nic. I love that pondering page. Don't worry about the inspire plenty of other people. Me included. Thanks for the encouragement you send my way!

Have a good one.


phatassphairy said...

chin up hun will get back into the swing of things soon ....but you still inspire me

lol...not sure what that is worth ...but ya do ....

Anonymous said...

Wow Nicole a big congratulations from me, and your creations are stunning. I wish you all the very best.

Carole xx

jules said...

HI Nic just thought I would give you a Big THANK YOU for my bag of goodies I got in the mail today you are most generous.It was a lovely surprise..Your LO's are amazing what do those mag's know rejecting you, they have no taste..Hope you are feeling better enjoy your R&R.Chat again soon..Jules

TatumW said...

Look after yourself sweet....enjoy the last little bit of time with 2 because 3 is full on (but fun...maybe...LOL).

Poo poo to the mag rejections...your work rocks no matter what! Loving your LO for 123 it caught my eye when I popped on the blog the other day.


Nanny_leilz said...

Love your latest Layouts Nicole, especially the pregnancy one, wicked photo!!

Hope your pregnancy is still going well :). Thinking of you!

miss~nance said...

I love your work too NIcole andf I especially LOVE your pondering page, it sent me off on my own pondering.......