Friday, 25 July 2008

And we have sun, FINALLY

Just wanted to get all this down for later memories, this page came about after talking with my grandfather. The gist of it is, with the whole wanting to be carbon neutral, in reality you are paying for the simplist of things AIR. Think about it and let me know what you think........

This photo is taken by Lusi Austin - Thanks for letting me use it hun xx

Cut up this photo and used some foam tape in parts to raise it.

My handmade Sculpey Tree. LOVE IT

Thought I better use some of my Fancy Pants win.

So so so Simple.

White with One Challenge, love the photo of Charlotte.

Some pics of Charlotte's Birthday.
Some more Random Snaps, the Gallery 12 challenge for this week is Magic, so this is just a few magical things that are around for me.

It's Magic that trees grow out of their 'skin'

Magic to find a lone yellow flower amonst the strong green grass

It's Magic just to witness the leaves blowing in the wind.

It's Magic that I can open my eyes everyday and see this. Something that I take for granted

And it's Magic that I can watch my children grow.

Yeah strange they came wondering up from the road, had a play with Chevy then left again.

I'm Teaching my first class tomorrow.

Scared is an understatement.

Anyway this is the two pages I've got to teach thought it should be pretty safe to show them now.
Just Breathe, lots of stitching and pretty techniqueish. (LOL is that even a word)

King of My Heart, just for fun, playing with paint. :)

I think that is about it for today.
Haven't had time to get my belly shot so I'll do a couple tomorrow to make up for it.

Have a fabulous Friday Night.


Belinda Venables said...

Fab layouts Nic.

You'll be fine with your class - I know it! ;)

Have a great weekend.


Petrina McDonald said...

phew! That is some massive blogging you've been doing!!! Woohooo!!!! Love all the layouts and photos to look at :) Good luck for your class tomorrow - you are going to rock! Love, P

Nic said...

Yet again... FABULOUS work!! Can't wait to share in your first class... see you tomorrow! xx

Raechelle said...

WOW! Your layouts are fantastic! I love the colors and fun techniques on each one!

lusi said...

you go nic!!!!
awesome pages mate :)
love hw you scrapped the photo too - i totally forgot about emailing you back with it :( sorry! you are one clever chook!
have a beautiful weekend :)
lus x

Ruby Claire. said...

your LO's and photos are FABULOUS! Seriously *WOOOSH!* < Sound of blowing me away ;)
That first LO must have taken you aggess!!
LOVE everything!

Jaimie R said...

Wow Nicole, you've been busy! Love the BW LO of your cutie pie :)

Binxcat1 said...

Nic, you are totally blowing me away with all these BRILLIANT LOs! Chick did you suck on a mojo pi9pe or what? Just stunning I so hope you are subbing that AIR LO... there is a sub call for "Nature"... this so HAS to go in... I'd love to have a closer read of the journalling...

Thanks for the comment on my blog btw... BUT WE CAN'T sub IDOL work! Never mind... ;)

Renee said...

oh wow!!

Have you been busy or what??

Loving everything :)

I hope the class goes great, Im sure it will

xx R

Donna said...

Hey gorgeous!! Had a blast today.. you did brilliantly!!! and yep I loove your sculpy tree!! ALl your lo'sw and pics are beautiful.. make sure you let me know when your next class is on OK!!

Donna said...

Hey gorgeous!! Had a blast today.. you did brilliantly!!! and yep I loove your sculpy tree!! ALl your lo'sw and pics are beautiful.. make sure you let me know when your next class is on OK!!

miss~nance said...

WOW I am just LOVING your work. Especially love the LO using Lusi's photo - awesome work.


Anonymous said...

Nic your work is awesome xx Love each page (yuck to the rejects pet but chin up) your really ROCKIN SBM at the moment xxx So glad your class went well. The first one can be daunting, I found the second one worse (I taught bear making classes in another life)

Stay happy and just keep scrapping xxx ohhhhh to the rather large Bump :) :) getting closer :):)