Wednesday, 17 November 2010

the Ad man

goes to show how far behind I am, Adam was 8 months old nearly 2 weeks ago, we went down to the waterfront in Gladdy and I got some pics of him (mum did this with Reece and I and I've done the same with all four of my kids)

few little stats about him

Weight: 8.7kg
Length: 72cm

- eats all day, 3 weetbix for breakfast, couple of milk arrowroots, pear or banana for morning tea (with milk), sandwich plus approx 250g yoghurt for lunch, same as morning tea for afternoon tea, has whatever we have to tea. Plus his booby 4 times a day

- crawling all over the place, really speedy now.

- has three teeth, all came through within 3 weeks. Looks like the 4th is on its way. Knows what they are used for too, OUCH

- says dadda, bubba, nan, mumma... plus lots of other gibberish

- wakes up happy and chatty

- likes to follow the kids around the house

- loves being outside in the grass

- had his first 'jump' on the trampoline, wasn't scared at all.

- has everyone wrapped around his little finger

- grown out of all 00 clothes, mostly wears 0 with a few 1's thrown in the mix

- cheeky and really knows his name, likes to crawl away from you with what ever it is he has stolen, looks over his shoulder as he's doing it and gives you a 'haha can't catch me' look....


Felicity said...

wow.. how fast is time going. It is just so cute, totally love his shirt and great to see you in a piccie with him ;)

Thanks so much for all your comments while I was away, there beautiful.


Maria said...

Turning into a true little boy. You have great kids.