Friday, 26 November 2010


so where have I been
- sick (not just me but all the kids)
- toilet training Deacon, he clicked this week and we haven't had any accidents :)
- Charlotte's had Prep orientation
- cleaning
- cooking
- no scrapping (well not much)
- just generally busy

I sat down the other week and worked out what I do each day/week/month, it's crazy, no wonder I feel bogged down, just an example

Make beds x5
Do dishes x3
Sweep the house (at least three times a day)
Prepare food x27 (breakfast, lunch, tea for all)
Wipe down benches
Clear the table
Clean up the lounge, straighten chairs, cushions, clear computer
Wipe down the bathroom basin and bench
Stop a million fights
Pick up a million toys
Play a billion crazy games, read books, spend 30-60min with Charlotte doing some reading, writing, or general schooly things
Spend at least 2hrs with Mum :)
Wash Nappies

added on top of that

Wash clothes x4 loads
Vacuum and Mop the floors

Wash Sheets, towels, table clothes, mats
Folding, ironing previous days clothes


Wash Clothes x4 loads
Vacuum and Mop the floors

Fold and Iron previous days clothes

Usually town day if we aren't going to Rocky
If we are at home, clean out the sink, fridge, stove, bath, basin, toilet

Town sometimes if we are at home whats usually done on Friday

then Monthly
- wash windows
- clean oven
- full kitchen tidy, sort our the cupboards, pantry, etc etc
- wash chair covers, quilt covers, blankets etc etc.

Thats just off the top of my head, there's probably a million other things I haven't thought of that I do daily,

Night time I try to spend time between Luke and scrapping.

 So there's my life in a nut shell.

All understand why I live on minimal sleep now.


miasmummy said...

Hells Bells, no wonder you are busy... and I wondered where you found the time to scrap! It's a wonder you churn out the fabbo work you do.... Remember some time for you too! xx

Felicity said...

super woman for sure!!! you know how much I look up to you with everything you get done at home, one amazing woman who clearly shows what she does is for the love of her family :)

Deb said...

wow, you are super busy! Hope Charlotte had fun at her Prep orientation. Take care, Deb

A Soldier Girl said...

YIKES .. you are BUSY .. feel better girl and take care of YOU

Kristin said...

That is quite a list! I love the work on your blog!