Monday, 14 June 2010


Can someone design me a really cool Header for my blog

and also let me know how to add other 'page tabs' to the top



oh and what do you think of the new look blog


Donna said...

I can prob help out this week sometime darl.. Gotta do s new one for mine too.. Send me an email and let me know what you want..

Made.By.Jess said...

To add new pages you have to log in to blogger. go to posts>edit pages>add page

& to add a cool blog header. find one on the internet and download it. you can edit it with photobucket or download Gimp 2 (which is just like photoshop). Add your blog name, save it, and then upload it to your header under your design page.

Sarim said...

Wow. That does not sound easy. Looks cool but does not sound easy. I just started blogspot and well, its still a struggle. Readership too. Haha. Goodluck with yours though =)

Tanya Tahir said...

Hi Nic, I can't help with the technical blog stuff, but I can recommend someone! My friend Jenny - she helped make my header and my siggie and is working on an "out for pub" image for me at the moment. She is so sweet and really good at this stuff. Her blog is

she truly is fabulous!!!

Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Nic - happy to help. You can email me at di at legacy4life dot co dot za.