Saturday, 12 June 2010

Hey, Hi, Hello

Been feeling a little flat this past week, physically and emotinally

We received some not so good news about Mum on Tuesday, which has sort of come as a smack in the face, has really made me feel like we are back at square one and I just don't know how to process it and comprehend

So apart from that there was a funeral I couldn't go to on Wednesday (well actually it was a double funeral - my Nan's brother and nephew both passed within 48hrs of each other, make it worse it was father and son)

Thursday we had ALL day away from the house for one of the three local shows, lol, yep for us we have three shows. Left home at 8am and we didn't walk back into the house until after 6pm. Was a crazy long day for the kids. Even managed a spot of shopping OMG Pumpkin Patch opened. Now I just have to stay away

Yesterday (Friday) I was just a flake. Could hardly get out of bed just felt like everything had hiim me all at once.

Today (Saturday) We were once again in town this time to buy groceries. Was nice though cause we only took Adam Wow what a difference it makes only having one child and not 4..... Also got Char her birthday present, thought we'd better since we don't know if there will be a chance to go shopping without her before her birthday....... shhhhh don't tell her but she got a Nintendo DSi, in bright pink of course :) With a Tinkerbell game.... SUGGESTIONS on games for a 5yo would be appreiciated though

Tomorrow I'm going to be cleaning, ironing, washing and all the yuck housey stuff.

Tonight I hope to scrap, been flaking on the lounge not long after the kids have been in bed all this week. So I might have built up enough energy to stay up past 8.30 for a change.... lol

That is about it. Adam is awake now so I better go and feed him. Is on some solids now and LOVING it. num num num


EDITED TO ADD: if you are at the Scrapbook Convention in Brisbane this weekend I'd really love it if you vote for my 'Notes To Myself' layout in the Scrapbooking Memories Celebrate competition... Been told it's number 13 ;)


Crystal Bowman said...

*hugs* You've had a pretty tough week - I hope it gets better!

We bought Lockie a DS for his 5th Birthday too, he likes to play Super Mario Bros, Dora, Finding Nemo, Nintendogs along with some other "boy" games! We bought a chip though, so I just download what he wants.

P.S I'll vote for you at the Convention on Monday!

Debby said...

Hi. I don't know much about you personally but I can tgell some serious stuff happening in your family. SO sorry. So much it sounds like. ((((HUGS)))) and prayers.

Donna said...

Hey Darl.. What a week.. Sending you big hugs.. And hoping things improve with Mum! Thinking of you xx

Leanne said...

(((Hugs)))) - you do sound like you have had a rough time.

My daughter has not long turned 6 and we got her the game called 'Cooking Mama' - I think there are a couple out now. Absolutely fantastic game as it is really easy for them to understand and fun too.

Leanne xx

Leanne said...

Hey Hun! I would definetly recommend cooking mama! (Whoops!!I see that recommendation has already been made!- picked it up for $30 at ToysRUs yesterday. Not sure if they are online?)

Hope you are feeling better - emotionally and physically. I can't even imagine what chaos must be happening in your life atm... I do understand the "4 kid and shopping" thing though!! :)