Monday, 11 January 2010

photos, and sneaky sneaky

10th January - Zac pretending to mow..... He pushed our mower around our houseyard about three times, we have a HUGE houseyard too. Brought it in the gate himself, had to pull it up onto the cement path too. Strong and Clever boy he is :)

11th January - who can resist little bubby clothes. thought I'd better start getting myself organised so today I washed some bubby clothes for hospital. Seeing as we don't know what sex bub is there isn't much else I can wash, and we don't have much left from the other kids anyway. Looks like this bub is going to be spoilt

Just a few other randoms of the kids with the mower, and more bubby clothes.

Remember the photo I put up of our place and how dry it is????? Well this is what it's looking like now. Might look pretty but we still need a WHOLE lot more rain. Nothing has been filled and the under ground water supply is still thristy. So think of the country people when you are complaining about how the rain is just messing up your plans.

Sneaky sneaky.......... do you like????? Want to see more?????

That's it from me for today/tonight lol



Tara said...

gotta love that green...
we are the same, but in no way out of the woods yet!
hope there is more to come!! Love the piccies of the kids, too cute :D

dagbird2001 said...

hi ya,
just wanted to post comment, i follow your blog and love looking for your work in scrapbookmagazine.
I wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy, you are 9 weeks ahead of me :) all so exciting.
take care.
Tracy x

Pamela said...

Great pics! And those sneaks look fabulous! :)

Lisa Dorsey said...

Love those photos, especially the one of the clothes on the line. So sweet!

Sandy said...

Gotta love the look of laundry waving happily on the line.

Joyce said...

Love the pics of the kids with the lawnmowers, and the hint of green in the country there.

Stacey Young said...

Love the pics Nic, how cute are your kidlets?!!! Yes, do love the sneakies......... HOpe you are feeling well, getting closer now:)