Saturday, 9 January 2010

Daily Pics, New Rig, Randoms and Color Combos

8th January - 33 weeks pregnant

9th January - Kids had thrown jelly beans on the ground, it looked pretty :)

Look what we brought home today and she's wicked to drive too. Test for me will be Wednesday when I have to go back up to Rocky, ekkkkk having to drive with the townies and parking too.

Oh and a few randoms from this arvo

New Colours are up at Color Combos Galore

Challenge #139

And my take on these gorgeous colours

That's it from me. I'm going to go and try and scrap now. lol at 10.30pm wish me luck, hopefully I'll have something to show tomorrow




Tara said...

LOVE the new car, very nice!!!

love the jellybeans pic, bet the ants liked them too lol...

great page too, can honestly say i have never checked out the colour combo's (website?).... maybe i should one day!!!

that belly is definately getting bigger now isnt it, but still so petite :D
have fun driving the new car!!

Lydell Quin said...

Loved your CCG LO. Great topic! Congrats on the new car. And the tummy looks lovely.

Hetty Hall said...

Wow Nic where are you hiding that bubby, not long to go now. Nice set of wheels too and love the layout.

kerry said...

Great pics and lovely layout Nic nice car too.Take care Kerry xx

Jodie said...

niiiice car :)
id love to know where the baby is hiding because damn you are teeny tiny! lucky you hey :)

Felicity said...

LOVE the new wheels!!! I am sure you will be fine driving it :)
How small is your belly. haha. bet your sick people telling you that too. haha
love all the piccies.
Gorgeous LO.
:) xx

Manon Keir said...

Gorgeous Car and LO!! Esp love the beautiful pregnant belly though!! Have fun driving to town ;)

Heather said...

nice wheels...except the steering wheel is on the wrong the color combo layout...I'm going to try and complete one this challenge