Thursday, 7 January 2010

Days 6 and 7

January 6 - We had a good shower yesterday afternoon and the boys just had to go and play, Dea like usual had to be eating. Love this pic. So natural and typically him.

January 7 - Was overcast and wet today so the kids spent alot of time indoors, playing lego, whatelse is there to do...... They love it, I love it. Great for the creative side of them

Color Combos is coming back so keep your eyes peeled

Just a little sneak to tempt you. I love the colours for this coming challenge. Just really fresh and pretty.

Nothing else doing. Char and I had a lovely day out yesterday went and saw 'The Princess and The Frog' Char's first visit to the cinema. Didn't like that they turned the lights off and there were a few parts in the movie that were a little dark, still nice though, same old story but with a twist. Such a little piggy though, two cartons of popcorn, two cups of Red Icy drink, and half a packet of Twisties (had to bring the other half home to share with the boys)

Thats about it.....

Hopefully I'll be able to do something tonight that I can show :) Have a double sort of planned out sitting on my table as I type.



Felicity said...

LOVE that photo of Dea. Great candid shot!!
Glad that you and Char that a nice time together.
Its pouring here too, been a 1.5 weeks.

Deb said...

Love that pic of Dea - reminds me so much of my youngest daughter.

Jane said...

great piccie of Dea :), hope the weather fines up for you soon.

Tara said...

love sneakies of the colour combo, those letter stickers are nice!!

great pics too, my kids love lego as well, even i dont mind building with it LOL... big kid :)

is that an apple dea is eating???? how did you get him to eat fruit? Zayne will NOT touch fruit AT ALL.... or most meat, even if i cut it up real small and hide it in his veggies lol, little bugger finds it and spits it on the floor :(

kids hey lol..


love the sneaks nic.. very glam!!

love that first pic of dea