Tuesday, 12 January 2010

So I scrapped

Well I scrapped, have had the double on my bench for over a week now so glad to finally have it finished.

Don't Cha Know - been meaning to do a Layout like this for AGES now, so I finally kicked myself in the butt and did it.

Just Go - another of Char on the bike, she LOVES it, has no fear just full of confidence

Riding Hard - Char and Zac on the bike Christmas morning. They love it so much, I'm glad that they really got into it cause I thought that they would be a little scared....... Showed mummy that's for sure

Foam with DM over the top, cool hey????
That's all I have to show for the moment



Tara said...

awesome pages yet again nic.. :D


yay..i got to see that page.. wink wink nudge nudge.. hehe awesome work always!!