Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christmas 09

Our Christmas started with my trying to sneak to the toilet at 5.30am, I don't know if Charlotte was awake and waiting for someone to move or if I woke her up but I've never heard her run so fast in my life......... First stop was Zac's room to yell at him that Santa had come (she bypassed her stocking sitting on her bed), and second stop was into our room where she didn't find mummy lol.

Start off with opening up their stocking presents :) in Zac's room of course cause he was still a little sleepy.

Had to try and get a photo of them with the tree full of presents, Dea was still in bed at this stage. don't you love Zac's face

Opening presents, lots of lego, and wii remotes and super soakers for them both. Charlotte ended up with a couple of Barbies and Zac got a very cool race car track.

Dea finally awake and getting his first look, not there was much left at this stage. Kids had opened all of their presents and left the mess behind.

After we let them play for a while, we decided to take them outside to see if Santa had left them anything else. This is Charlotte's first look at the Trampoline. Notice all the 'lipstick' around her mouth, that girl is addicted.

Breakfast down at mum and dad's, mmmmmmm Christmas is the only time you can get away with eating such yummy naughty things. Too bad I don't have a photo of the chocolate ;) Every Christmas we have croissants only time in the year for us........ I really really look forward to Christmas breakfast.

Mum's pretty reindeers

Opening more Presents

Finally after everything was cleaned up, the kids had another outside surprise, my brother has been wanting to get a bike for 18months or so now so I have two very very very spoilt children and they ended up with one each..... Mum and Dad brought the Yamaha, Reece the Honda (which is getting training wheels)

The look of Zac, don't know what he was thinking, at first I think it was shock

Charlotte over the moon, she's been wanting a bike for AGES now.

Charlotte the bike princess, and yes she ended up with grease and oil on her dress :(

LOVE this face.

Testing them out. They have helmets but have only worn them a couple of times since.

Already knows how to do a skid,

Gosh how gorgeous is she.

and one little piccie of bubba bump, 31 weeks on Christmas Day..........

So that was our morning, we came home for a couple of hours, let Dea have a sleep and the kids play with their toys for awhile, went back down to mum and dads for lunch with my grandparents and aunt and uncle. After that we ended up at Luke's parents for the afternoon and tea. I forgot to take my camera up there so no piccies, but the kids were spoilt once again.

Sorry for the bulk photos but sometimes they tell the story better than I can with words.

Next up will be Zac's Birthday, ekkkkkkk. I have a 3yo boy now.



Jane said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family :).

Loved looking through all your Chrissy presents, the kids all look so excited and how cool are those little motorbikes, they'll enjoy them no doubt :)


gotta love chrissy when the kids are young.. some gorogues shots nic.. we all have bikes here.. its scary sometimes.. but there has to be some joy to acerage.. cant wait to move out to our land..

Tanya said...

cool to come back and check out some photos! The bikes look awesome.

Krissy Christie said...

Such gorgeous photos Nicole!

Krissy xx

kerry said...

Looks like they were very spoilt kids for xmas.I hope that you have a great new year too.TAke care Kerry xx

Sam said...

Looks like a fantastic day was had :D How cool are those motorbikes !!

Anonymous said...

Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy New Year and I didn't mind all the photos one bit!!! Always a pleasure visiting here and oh my what a gorgeous bump xxx.