Saturday, 2 January 2010

9 Faves of 09

Loved having family time, whether it be at the beach, in the gardens or just doing a whole lot of nothing at home. This year has been great for quality time

Luke finally being able to start buying his hay making machinery.

and Luke again getting to do fun things, Kids love mud racing too :) plus I get to play with my camera and test out some settings, so it's a winner all round ;)

Getting some mummy time, having a new 'do for a change, and still loving it :D

Enjoying baking together, Char learning new things but they all have to help out.

Just this photo of Deacon, he was 6 months old and I'm still in love with this.

OMG how can I not love the craziness that Zac has been pulling of late. Sooooo Cheeky and full of mischief

These two go together, I loved getting some really decent pencils and learning something different for a change, still do the occasional girl just wish I had more time to complete them :)

One lonely LO that I adore.

So while it may be 10 photos it is about 9 things that I really loved in 09............... lets see what 2010 is going to bring, I know one thing already that I am loving and can't wait to meet him/her



Felicity said...

LOVE all your Fav's. It sure sums up the year.
What a great 2010 you will have, a new precious bundle. :) x

Stacey Young said...

Awww, love them all!! I just did my fave layouts on my blog:) I bet you can't wait, I'm so happy for you xx

Tanya said...

Great post Nic. I also love the photos in your previous post. You do have a fun-filled year ahead to look forward to! I'm excited for you. Babies just bring so much joy to people. There's no beating it :)


what gorgeous moments all of them .. cant wait to see the new pommery... all the best babe.. thanks for a year of inspiring posts and pages..

Deb said...

gorgeous pics, love the ones of the kids on their new bikes. Take care, Deb x