Friday, 1 January 2010

Our Chirstmas Eve

Going back just over a week now. This is how we spent our Christmas Eve Afternoon, Luke, Zac and me in the back of the trailer bumping out behind the bike, was fun :)

Great weather for burning off :) plus Dad has been waiting for the fire ban to be lifted too. He's been saying for about a month now that he had a good pile of rubbish that he wanted me to take some pics of going up. lol.

Kids loved it, it's great to have them out knowing that this is part of life and they know that only Pa or Daddy are allowed to make fires. Zac's a bit of a worry sometimes though.

I do love this photo of Luke and Dea - they went up the hill a bit cause the smoke was getting too much for Dea.

They were grubby and full of smoke by the time we got home. Had a VERY late tea and bed, Char was sooooooooo excited she was nearly wetting herself, all I can say is that I'm glad I wrapped the presents a few days beforehand otherwise they never would have gotten done. As it was it took Luke and I 3 hours to put the trampoline together........

Will be back with Christmas Day photos tomorrow, although I have that many I think I may do it over two posts.



Felicity said...

what great fire shots!!!
Boys always love fire ey. haha but so great they understand about fires Cant wait to see the christmas photos.
:) x

Krissy Christie said...

Gorgeous photos Nicole!Im looking forward to seeing your christmas piccies too :)

Krissy xx