Sunday, 3 January 2010

Zac is 3!!!!!!!!!!

Was Mr Zachary's birthday last Sunday (27th) didn't have a party just us and both sets of grandparents and Uncle Reece :-) mostly left over Christmas food, hehehehe great way to get rid of it that's for sure.

Opening presents

Dea just eating everything in sight, especially loves the Christmas Nibbles I made

Our Motorcross boy :-) Birthday present to go with his Christmas Present, can't say he wasn't spoilt.

hmmmmm the cake, well this is 'Take 2' as the first decided to self destroy 1.5 hours before everyone turned up. Zac had asked for a Robot cake, it was made, cut and iced and just as I turned to grab the lollies to decorate the whole thing collapsed. Worst part was it was a nice cake too. Cooked well, tasted great and was that nice dry sort of cake that made decorating easy....... if your a friend on facebook you can see how horrible it looked..... and the sparklers well that was because mummy couldn't find the candles, poor boy trying to blow them out.

Yep need helpers with tasting, with Luke's mum in the background nearly wetting herself

It was a nice afternoon, love having quiet family do's, saves the hassle of trying to organise a party, and finding food and energy two days after Christmas. Suppose once Zac's at school we might do his birthday a little earlier so he can have a party with friends.

That's about it for the time being. Think I've shown enough photos for quiet awhile, although I'm planning on trying to do a photo a day, so far so good, I'll have to upload them later on. Until then seeya.



Binxcat1 said...

Happy Birthday Z!!!! Happy 2010 Pomeroys... can't wait to see some photos of the new edition in a few short weeks... IF in fact THAT IS A BABY you are hiding in that far too flat a tummy of yours!!! I'm with Lynette... you ARE a freak! ;)


happy birthday zac!!!!!! great shots.. love the cake.. looks yummo... SPOILT for sure..

Felicity said...

Hip hop horray, happy birtdahy Zac!!!!
:( at the robot cake.
:) x

Leanne said...

Photo A Day... me too! Except I haven't posted any yet! LOL! Hope Zac had a lovely day.