Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The Weeks that were................

So much has happened in the past few weeks.

Well we'll get the horrible over with first. You'll all remember how I said that my Pa was told months, but wasn't given a time frame on that, he lasted six weeks, sadly Pa passed on Sunday (2nd November) and we had the funeral today. Thankfully we were able to take Deacon around there to say g'day but that was the last time I saw him. At least now he is at peace. Do you know how hard it was trying to explain to Charlotte that Pa Pa is not here anymore, and as she is sooo knowing I just could BS to her and say something stupid like he's gone to town, she knew he was sick. Just explained it as best as I could saying that sometimes when you're really really sick like Pa Pa was your body just stops working and you fall asleep and can't wake up anymore. I told her that when she goes around to their place he won't be there but Nan Nan will be still. Tried to explain to her about the funeral this morning but OMG that was tough.

This photo is one of the one's I managed to get of Deacon and Pa, all of two weeks ago.


And Nan with Deacon, he fell asleep on her so easily, really snuggled in tight.


And for the rest.

I've been managing to scrap a little, but you'll have to wait for me to upload them later on.

Charlotte is just crazy, soaks it all up, loves to cuddle Deacon all the time, getting to be a little mischievious when I'm feeding, she's learnt to open the fridge so that in itself just spells trouble, nothing is safe anymore. Is going through a 'stage', we don't know if it's for attention or she's just being lazy but will stand in front of you and dilberatly wet herself. Right into painting and scrapping, mum brought her a kids page kit and she made a very cool page for a competition, all I helped her with was the tape and glue. Silly mummy forgot to get a piccie of it so you'll all have to wait until it comes home. Char's coming out with the most unusual expressions, and using them in the proper context too. OMGosh what that girl doesn't know.

Got into some felt pens the other week and decided that her toe nails needed a little colour, she also gave herself some 'eyeliner' too. Couldn't get a good piccie of that.


Has to give Deacon atleast a million cuddles per day. Everytime he wakes up she there to hold him.


And a little for me here too. I brought a 50mm fixed lens last weekend. FANTASTIC. If you dont' have one, so worth it. Love this pic of Charlotte really shows her wild, crazy side.


As for Mr Zac, well he's copying everything big sister does, yells, screams, fights, bites, punches, but he's soooo cuddly too, loves to give you kisses and really is there nothing better than a bubba kiss. Loves to point out all animals to you, knows all the parts of his body, both where they are and what they are called. His speech is improving and developing in leaps and bounds at the moment. Is still mad keen on machinery, has a go at operating anything that he can, loves his grease and you can always find him with a spanner and a grubby face. Doesn't like the camera much anymore, use to be my little poser, now he tips his head and won't look at me. Ahhh. Only decent pic I've taken of him for nearly a month now.



Along with my new lens, I brought a laptop too, trying to motivate myself to finish my assignments, have a year to go and nothing sent in yet. Not like they are worried, they are still getting the money for it.

One of the trees in our yard has been dropping that many leaves it's not funny, we raked them all up the other week and burnt them, kids loved it, mummy didn't cause it was done in the houseyard, so now we have this big pile of black crap that Zac likes to dig in.


Me and two of my cousins today, Karla came up from Brissy and Josh came down from the NT. We're all born within 4 months of each other. Too bad we don't all live closer together. Last time I saw Josh was Christmas in 2003.


And lastly some more cute little snaps of Deacon. He's a belly sleeper, which I don't mind cause both Charlotte and Zac were too, and how cute are those little tiny monkey toes. heheehhe. his toes are soooo long that he wraps them around your finger.


Right now this is all I can remember, a little drained emotionally and physically at the moment.

Until I come and show my layouts take care people



Lisa said...

so sorry to hear about your loss :( this seems to be the year for it sadly.

your pictures are adorable as always :) hope all is well with you chickie!

Hetty Hall said...

Sorry to hear about your loss Nic, my thoughts are with you and your family.

Gorgeous photos once again.

Take care
Hugs xx

Ann Lederhose said...

oh darlin, so sorry to hear you lost your beloved Pa Pa. Big hugs to you sweetie.

How lovely that you got a photo of him with Deacon. :) Lovely memories :)

Belinda Venables said...

Hey Nic - so sorry once again. It must have been so hard for you today.

Isn't it so fabulous that you got the photo with him and Dea. Such a precious memory to hold onto forever!

Why do you keep putting fabulous photo up here that are screaming 'scrap me scrap me' lol. Can you please scrap them before I get my hands on them...pmsl! (promise I won't do that to you I'll let you scrap your own

Talk to you soon.

PS: I could eat up those little toes! hehe.

PPS: Love Zac man's beads...pmsl!

Ali said...

Oh Nic,
I am so sorry to hear about your Pa Pa. Thinking of you guys.
How precious are your 3 little munchkins!
I got the 50mm portriat lense for Christmas last year, it is awesome,I love it!
Take care

Anthea said...

oh Nic, so sorry to hear your news, it is never easy explaining it to kids, I didnt know what to tell the boys about dad, and they still talk about him to this day, but sometimes they say the weirdest things which sets me off.

Gorgeous pics as always, I too love my 50mm! THE BEST lens!

Princess Tamara said...

Hugs to you ... we went through this with our Pa earlier in the year, and it's a sad thing. My youngest is only now getting to the point where she can talk about her best mate without tears. My thoughts are with you.

Lali said...

Sorry to hear about your news Nic my thoughts are with you and your family.

Great photos girl Charlotte looks gorgeous as ever

Kathleen said...

Oh gosh - so sorry to hear about your Pa...

Beautiful photo's - a memory forever captured with Pa :)


naomi said...

Nic honey I am so sorry about your Pa,my heart and thoughts are travelling with you and your family.
on a positive note how gorgeous are those children of yours ?
love naomi x

Nic said...

Sending more big hugs!! Hope you are all doing ok...
Loving your photos Nic, and how similar our children can be!!
Take care. xx

jess said...

HI Nic, So sorry to hear about your Pa. ((hugs))

Love the photos of your kids! That lens takes great shots!!
Xx Jess

Emstar said...

Im so sorry for your loss

I love your pictures

Sar said...

So sorry to hear of your Pa's passing, happy for you though that you got a photo of him with Deacon, thats really special and I'm sure will be cherished. Hugs.

Love Sar

Tracy Firth said...

Sorry to hear about your Pa Pa Nic. He is at peace and I understand how hard it is to explain to little ones. Thinking of you. Big cyberhugs.

Wendy Smith said...

sorry for your loss...hope that things in your life settle

gorgeous photos

Anonymous said...

Hi Nic, may your precious Pa rest in peace. Just think, your family now has an amazing 50 fingers and toes (not including pets???). Would like to see that in a layout!!!! Till next time, Tiff :o)

Anonymous said...

Better make that 100 fingers & toes, 50 would definitely be concerning LOL!!!!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Sad to hear about your Pa...hope you are doing ok?

Your littlies are growing so very fast...especially Deacon! A month already??

Fab pics, hun! :)

Chelle Xx

scrapwitch said...

hugs to you nic,thinking about you my 50 mm fixed lens soooooooooo much glad i got it ..its da bomb
love that pics of your kids