Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Guess Who is a Month Old??????????

Can you believe that Deacon is already a month old????

Time is flying

I only have to get up once a night to feed usually around 2am, Dea sleeps for about 6 hours at night and has even slept through once already, 10 hours sleep though too.

He's growing well and loves his boob. Has fitted into our lives so perfect, like he's been here forever.

So his details at the moment

Weight: 5.6kg
Length: 60cm

Better be off, promise I'll be back in a few days with some photo's and Layouts to share.



Belinda Venables said...

Goo goo gar gar Mr Dea...hehe!

My - haven't you grown! What a beautiful little smile you have too.

Nic - he is just so precious! Thanks for making me clucky. :D


Felicity said...

wow.. how time is going quick, seems like yesterday we had the news of Deacon..
He is so adorable. Good to hear all is going well.
Felicity x

Ann Lederhose said...

oh what a gorgeous little man you have there Nic!

Kathleen said...

Oh cutey!! Such a smiley bum :)


Annmarie said...

that is so great to hear Nic - I only hope for one so well behaved.... He really is an absolutely beautiful little man...and I cant wait to see what you have been up to.

naomi said...

Nope he cant be a month already.... he is so squiggy. I am cluky very clucky. thats for stopping in and saying hi... I have to pinch myself cause I keep thinking Nic popped in and she likes MY stuff (insert pinch) Cause I have loved and followed your blog for so long now....Your a bit like a rock star of the scrappin world. Thanks for stopping over and seeing me, Cant wait to have the next CJ where ever it is... hmmm
love naomi x

jess said...

oh my gosh! I cant believe he is a month old already!! he is gorgeous, and so smiley!!!
And sounds like he is a fantastic sleeper too!!!
What a good boy!!!
Xx Jess

Hetty Hall said...

Your little man is gorgeous Nic...happy first month birthday lil Deacon!!
Hugs xx

Petrina McDonald said...

awwww....!!!! He's doing so well! Must be a good mumma that he has ;-)

SkyeMJ said...

Oh lord he is the cutest little man!

I love your comment "he loves boob"! He really is a little man! Hehe!

Super cute shots! Looks like you're gonna have another photogenic tike to scrap!

Lali said...

WOW a month already...he is so cute love that little grin

miasmummy said...

Deacon is so cute Nic, his facial expressions are just gorgeous! Can't wait to meet my little bundle of trouble!! xxxx

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

Wow look at that little man, he's grown so much.
Love those LO's in the previous posts, loving your use of "white space" on them, very effective.

Ali said...

wow time is flying!!
He is so cute!!
cannot wait to catch up sometime.
Have a great week
Ali x

Mel Connell said...

he looks so much like you Nicole!!!!

he's so beautiful..: )