Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Thought I'd share these few photos of the kids


How precious are these toes. They are so long and whenever you touch his feet he curls his toes around your finger, like a little monkey.


Little man Deacon, already he's a cheeky little fellow.



Charlotte, now this girl has been spending so much time outside lately. You honestly can not keep her in the house. On this day she was making a castle out of rocks. Just too creative.



Zac the good, spunky man with the new do! I made Luke take the kids to get their hair cut the other weekend while I was feeding Deacon. Well Zac usually gets a short back and sides when I take him for a hair cut, Luke however told the hairdresser to make him look spunky.


Now this is Zac the bad. LOL. Called the "NO" face. The whole time I was trying to take his photo that is what he was yelling at me.


This is why it was the "NO" face, I'd just gotten up him for climbing onto out potato box. What that boy won't climb is surprising. I've busted him chest height over our fence which is about 150cm high.


That's just a few little snaps of the little darlings. Took a couple of Deacon today just haven't gotten around to uploading them.



Laura said...

Your Zac is such a cuuuutie!!

Belinda Venables said...

OMG - looking at the NO photo of Zac is just like looking at Makenzie! They are very very similar in that photo - it's uncanny!!

Love the rest too. xx

Donna said...

Love the pics Nic... Deacon is growing so fast.. got your letter today.. thanks doll .. mwah Donna

Felicity said...

Nic you have the most adorable kids even on Zac 'no' face!
what you feedni Deacon, man he's growing!
felicity x

Belinda Venables said...

There's an award waiting for you on my blog...:D