Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Quick pics from yesterday

This photo is actually this morning, Zac with his comfort toy. We had to wash puppy today, he's not a happy camper now. I went out to grab a few photos of the Black Cockatoo's that were in one of the trees, LOL but typical of me I thought I'd just throw the washing on first and when I went in to grab my camera they all flew off. :(


Love the surprised look on Deacon's face. Just too cute.


Sweet moment between the oldest and youngest. I know messy hair old ratty clothes and clashing colours but it's the moment that counts right, and hey I can always convert to black and white.


How Cheeky is he looking, watching the other two while I was taken the photos yesterday, they both had Deacon smiling up so much, and they both get excited when he smiles at them.


That's it, for the moment.

I just found a few layouts that I haven't shared yet, will have to come back and post later after I feed Dea once more.

Phew, it's hot here today, will be up in the 30's again. Not good when you're feeding that's for sure.



Laura said...

I just looove that first photo. it is beautiful!

Shandell said...

Gorgeous photos - especially the fist one! Can't wait to see how you scrap it!!

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

Gorgeous photo's Nic and how wonderful that Deacon is smiling already..... too cute. You sure have gorgeous kids...

Belinda Venables said...

haha - check out that grin on Dea's

Hey - love your mail box...pmsl! ;)


jess said...

Deacon has such an adorable smile!!!
And I love the first photo, Zac is so gorgeous!!

Deb G said...

Hi Nicole!!!! Oh, my!! How beautiful they all are...Deacon has been here before..Look at him!!!! Hes an old soul thats for precious...

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Aww hun you have beautiful children :).. how precious are they.. xx