Saturday, 18 October 2008

Color Combo Catch-up

Color Combo #90

Color Combo #91

Colour Combo #92

Been loving these color combo challenges.




Petrina McDonald said...

what a wonder woman you must be! Go Nic! I like what you are doing there with the AL chippy ;-) Love, P

Kathleen said...

Oh sweet - the 1st LO, sooooo can relate, lol; the second LO - oh how sweet!!; the third - like you said, heart melting.

Gorgeous all of them!


Lali said...

WOW girl I am in awe a newborn and scrapping...and yep those LOs are gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Hi Nic, I love the colour combos too, saves a lot of time deciding what to use. I reckon Deacon looks a lot like you, hope all is going well and so glad I didn't have to welcome you to the 10 pound club, well done!!!! Be back to visit soon, keep up the great layouts, Tiff :o) PS have been bitten by the KRAFT bug at the momnet, have ordered some and can't wait to get started.....

Lauren said...

Where do you get the time Nic, I'm struggling and I don't have any children! Super Woman!!

I love the page of Miss C on the phone to da how very cute. I'm glad Deacon is settling in well, and that big bro is there to lend a hand!

hugs, Lauren x

Wendy Smith said...

these are beautiful.....totally inspiring

Leanne said...

Looking good Nic! Hope all is well with you and your new little man!!

Donna said...

So good to catch up on the latest Nic - and little Deacon is absolutely beautiful. Aren't you a lucky girl to get some scrapping done too! Breather it all in - wonderful times. XX Donna

Belinda Venables said...

Love these layouts Nic - don't you just love the CCG site. :D

I love how you have used a paint chip on the last layout!


Melissa said...

Gorgeous Nic...straight from Labour and at the scrap table! LOL! Go girl!

PS any new pics of Mr Deacon!

Janet Perafan-Babar said...

love your layouts! Congratulations too! I am going to add the ones you did for the other color weeks to their slideshow, love them!