Thursday, 28 August 2008


We were busy


we cooked


We cleaned up


We washed the babies clothes, now doesn't this make you all clucky.




We took some strange photos


And we crashed all before 11am.

Here's a couple other snaps too.




this is what Charlotte was doing when we were chatting Belinda. ;)

Also managed to photograph a few pages.

Challenge over at Scrapboxx

White With 1 Challenge

Using some of the new kit from Scrapbook Fantasties

And another using the new Scrapbook Fantasties kit.

This is what I'm teaching on Saturday. Nice and simple.

And a fun double.

Think that's about it for the week. :)

See ya



jules said...

I Love the picture of the clothes line...Yummy Biscuits there as well

Donna said...

Love the pics Nic.. looks like you have had a fun day.. See ya Sat!!!

Hetty Hall said...

Gorgeous photos and layouts Nic, not long to go now!!

Nic said...

Looks like a fun day! Isn't it nice to get all those bubby clothes washed and ready... I LOVE the smell of Kody's clothes when I wash them... mmm... and that yummy baking! That's me tomorrow... I'm on dessert duty for the hens night Saturday!! Enjoy the lesson, shame I have to miss this on :-(

Lisa said...

Cool photos Nic - looks like you had a busy and fun day! Love the LO's too - as always.

The Ams Family said...

Hey there, I have missed you. Looks like you had a busy day. Not long now until bubs comes. All the best xoxoxo

AngC said...

Love the belly shot Nic! LOL Washing the baby clothes is my job next week - just need to get a new agitator for the washing machine - yes, another thing broken! :)

Felicity said...

Those baby clothes... aaaww....
not long now!!
Yummy baking..
Great LO's... You are a busy lady!!
Have a good weekend.
Lv Felicity x

phatassphairy said...

great pics ....and gorgeous lay outs ....i thought you were ment to be slowing down no rest for the wicked ....and the lord knows that you've got a wicked streak eh!!! blogging today well done

Crazymumm said...

Love the tummy shot looking into the yucky washing machine (don't you just hate having to keep filling that thing up all the time) xxx hope your feeling well how long now sweetness xxx stay happy scrapping or in your case just resting would be good xxx :):)

Michelle Jamieson said...

Yummo...those biccies look delish!

Some great pics in cute is Mr Zac, asleep with his teddy bear?? So sweet!

I've given you an award...Check my blog for details!

Chelle Xx

Hetty Hall said...

You have been tagged, check out my blog!

Carole Janson said...

omgoodness Nicole you have been busy, love all the biscuits yum and gorgeous photos of your kids.

Layouts are stunning.

Carole xx

TatumW said...

busy busy! Those biccies look yum :) Loving the LO's, the class sample looks especially awesom. LOL @ the belly shot.

Have a fabulous week. Tatum xx

Kristy said...

love the pics nic baby clothes always smell yummy I still wash my bubs stuff in softly wash and wow not long to go now !!!!!!!!!!!!