Thursday, 21 August 2008


So what's happening????

I've not been up to much, just taking some time out for me.

Getting larger and larger. Getting ALOT of Braxton Hicks, and ALOT of movement. Bubba is going well I think. Have an antenatal appointment tomorrow, more blood and another Anti-D injection. Only just started getting some things together yesterday, yep I know, BAD. Some days I totally forget that I'm even pregnant. Suppose it's just because I don't get and of the yucky pregnancy side effects, and thankfully I haven't gone to balloon status like I did with the other two, I can even still wear my rings, wasn't able to do that at 34-35 weeks with Char or Zac.

Got the nesting thing happening too. Which is good for the house. Think I should be doing a few things today since the kids have run off with my dad, hehehehehe. They love doing 'big work' with him, and good thing for washing machines, except for the grease and oil they get over themselves and that won't come out. Such is life I suppose, glad we live in the sticks and no one sees what little grots I do have for children.

Have done a little scrapping, but it's mostly stuff that I can't share at the moment, which kinda sucks.

Will throw in the few pages that I am able to share though.

LOVE this photo of Julie.



Using some more of SCRAPBOOK FANTASIES August kit.


And here is my sneaks for my next class, which in actually next weekend. Damn it's come around quick.







Kids are fine. Crazy, and sometimes doing my head in but mostly they are good little cherubs.

We've done abit of cooking, they love Gingerbread, so we've made that a couple of times. Think they like the raw dough more than the cooked, hmmm don't half take after me. LOL. I could live on raw biscuit dough.

Do have some pics to show but I haven't resized them and right now I think I better get back to trying to finish off a few scrap related projects or get some cleaning done.



Belinda Venables said...

Oohhhh - not long to go now. Come and 'nest' at my house too please! hehe.

Love the layouts - you clever thing. :D

Enjoy your scrapping. I hope you've got a heap done!


Nic said...

Glad to see you blogging again!!! Gorgeous work Nic... I am so bummed that I can't be there next weekend. Those sneaks look great!! Might have to lift some ideas once you showcase them...
Catch up soon. xx

Petrina McDonald said...

I am exactly the same with the biscuit dough!! And cake mix too LOL!!!

Kristy said...

so love ur work nicole very inspiring, Hope u got some scrapping done, do as much as u can now cause when that new bub arrives u wont have time to start off with, mind u I say that and I have scrapped heaps sice Kobie was born.


Donna said...

Hey Nic - your latest layouts are soooo noice! BUt - I must say - I wish I was doing your next class 'coz that sneak peak looks really lush - looks like a some nice tecniques in there - the curly bracket??? Stitching the flower looks great too - and all those lovely layers and ribbons - yum! Good luck with it - hope you get heaps of people, X D

Donna said...

Gorgeous Lo's doll... so looking forward to next weekend.. better start finding some pics hey!!lol..see ya soon!!!

Lali said...

Relax girl and take it easy you are gonna be busy enough as it is come a couple of weeks...gorgeous LOs and those sneak peaks are a real teaser can't wait to see them

Felicity said...

Great to hear from you!! Sounds like your busy and my door is open too, while your nesting!!! LOL
LO are divine!! Wish I was in Rocky to do your classes, look fabo!

jules said...

Glad to see you have made it back to the computer lol.Those Lo's you are teaching look fantastic,can't wait to see all of them.. .I love that photo of Char looking at your belly I wonder what was going through her mind at that moment.Chat again soon Jules

miss~nance said...

Lovley LO's Nicole.

Melissa said...

Not long to go now Nic!!!
How exciting!!!!
Loving all this glorious work!

Julie H said...

Not long to go now Nic - hope the Braxton's aren't too bad for you. Let me know when you come up to Rocky next and we'll go for a coffee and a chat.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the layouts chicky!! Fabbo work as always - you did such a fantastic job with my pic - totally love it!!

chat soon
Julie xx

Wendy said...

gorgeous looking layouts...lov ethe masculine ones...hard to boy Los sometimes

Michelle Jamieson said...

Those sneak peeks look very cool...can't wait to see that layout!

I can't believe it's nearly time for your bundle to's gone so fast. You are probably well and truly ready for this little Mr or Miss to enter the world, aren't you?

Skye M J said...

Your layouts are fantastic (as always) nic! I always LOVE when you blog!
It's a big event in my boring office work day when someone I like blogs! hehe!
Love the look on photo in the 'Whats the Matter with You' LO! Priceless!


Leanne said...

Gorgeous lo's Nicole. I was guessing you were off nesting! hehehe. Good luck with everything!

Have a great day,


Princess Lu the Scatterbrained said...

Hi Nic! Loving your layouts - you are on fire girl!!! Oh I badly need some of that nesting instict too!!! lol Funny about the cookie dough - it's always the best bit of the whole process - my favourite Baskins and Robbin flavour too!!! Keep well and take care of yourself. Don't do so much nesting you wear yourself out girl! Take care, Lu