Tuesday, 2 September 2008

You all would of heard about this.......

this is the plane that crashed off the coast on Sunday Afternoon. Luke knew the pilot, Barry and has done so for quiet a few years now. Was one of his idols.
All very sad. Just hope that they can recover more of this plane and more importantly find the bodies of Barry and his passenger.
Very much doubting that it was pilot error as Barry was an incredible aerobatic pilot.
Is a huge loss to the industry.


Felicity said...

Sorry to hear about this.. and yes I hope they can find some answers.
sending a big ((((HUG)))))
Felicity x

Anonymous said...

Yes, Nic, that was very sad, I can't even imagine how their family must be feeling.

Belinda Venables said...

Thanks for the award Nic - you're a gem! Love our chats. Hope you're feeling better soon. :D

Oh no - I haven't heard about this. I really should watch the news more. Doesn't sound good at all. I feel for the families...:(


Nic said...

Sorry to hear that Nic... big hugs!

Donna said...

I am so sorry Nic.. THeir poor families..and friends.. huge(((((hugs)))).
Donna xx

AGA said...

What a terrible loss for the families and friends - take care!

scrapwitch said...

thats a sad story nic..
thanks for my award your rockin work too..and i loved how we sat side by side in the paint section in sm...woot toot to us

Binxcat1 said...

OH NIC... so sorry to hear this was someone you knew. Did they find them yet? It must make it all the harder for the family. Big hugs to you and yours.

Leanne said...

This so sad to hear. Incredibly sorry for your loss.