Thursday, 31 January 2008

So I thought I better do a Share

Charlotte the grub

Finding mushrooms in the backyard after all the rain

One of My brothers friends - Marco, being a fool like usual

My spunky little brother

Zac killing himself laughing at his 1st birthday party

Another of Zachary playing in the muck
(Inspired by the gorgeous Lisa Oxley)

My Canvas, ahhh love these colours

Chocolate face. Totally constructed on the angel

Fasination with the glow stick

Screaming like there is no tomorrow, this is a pretty old photo.

So this is what I've been doing over the last few weeks, slowly trying to get everything sorted and under control. Have a few other pages that I can't show cause they've been picked up.

Nothing much else to report on.

Off to think about doing a minimal page.

Hmmmm is this going to be a little tricky for me.



jess said...

WOW! you've been busy!! Love your layouts!! My favourite is the chocolate face one!! awesome!!
Xx Jess

Lisa said...

girl your pages are crazy awesome!!! i'm in awe. you rock. the end. lol

scrapwitch said...

from your last post..i reply.NO COLOUR SCARES ME....
and i so want your canvas....its frekin awesome...
nicole ..omg i cant beleive how much a year makes in a scrappers life ..your work is sublime,and i eagerly wait for new work from you always...inspire always do...i trhink i may chinese whisper one of the layouts from this post tonight ...thanks for sharing

binrow said...

lovem all Nic your such an awesome scrapper!!
Glad to see your back in the swing.

Lauren said...

Love all the LO's Nic. I hope you've been keeping well. Let me know next time your in town we'll have to catch up.

Cheers, Lauren x

Julie said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog...I think your style is pretty all these lo's and the canvas is WoW!


scrapwitch said...


tracey said...

oooohhhh i want i want ... your mojo and a little of your inspiration to come my way.

loving the colors of your canvas nic - truly beautiful.

don't stop now you are on a roll!

Maz said...

SOOOO love that canvas, along with all the other pages! But seriously, those colours are TO DIE FOR!!

Loved that minimal page you shared on SM too!



Terri H said...

Nic, I must admit I have missed seeing your work. GORGEOUS as always.
Congrats once again on the jelly bean..I hope you start to feel better real soon chicky!