Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Been Thinking!!!!

Yeah I know stange for me but...........................
Everyone seems to have a colour or colours that they don't like or won't scrap with........ for me this just doesn't happen, I will pick up any colour, any combination, and just go with what I feel is creative.
I don't have a colour I won't scrap with, I don't have a combination that would faze me. Size or shape either. Love to try out new things. Love being dared. Love doing the monochromatic pages. I think I've done nearly one of every colour I can think of. It's crazy but in a way I suppose it's a good thing not to be scared of differences/colours/challenges. I love challenges. Even styles, I'll try any style at least once.
So with leaving on this note, let me know what colour scares you????? and style, what won't you do????


Ruby Claire. said...

Thats just proves you ae a fabulous all round scrapper!
Your work rox and i think to be able to scrap with any colour and any style is FANTASTIC!
im not a very vintage, herritage type of person. i just cant seem to scrap those type of colours...
Hope your well :)

Lisa said...

well hello dearest! glad to see you back in blogland!

i'm on the same page as you, i will try anything and i dont stay away from anything. what for? it keeps things fun and interesting!

how are things? hope life is treating you well and hope to see more of you! :)

Lauren said...

Hay Nic,

Ummm.... Yellow, just cant do it for some reason.

I love what you do with colour, very inspiring.

Lauren x

Maz said...

I have trouble with too much purple - using a bit more yellow recently.. And monochrome is tough for me!

I want to see you do a completely minimal page! I have seen some "less embellished" ones, or a totally vintagey one!

Get to it (lol)