Saturday, 16 February 2008

Thought I'd better let you in on the secret!!!!!!

We are now expecting NUMBER THREE
(yep you read right I am pregnant)
Currently have no details, I'm guessing that I'm about 8-10 weeks.
Been as sick as a dog, so with that I think it's going to be a girl.
And tired, gosh it was easier being pregnant the first time, at least I didn't have to worry about looking after other kids.
Off to the doctors on Monday so hopefully I'll be able to get a scan then too.
At the moment that's about all.
Love to you all.


jess said...

That is so exciting!!! I cant imagine going through morning sickness and having to look after kids! It must be so hard (definately worth it though!!)!!
All the best!!! Hope you start feeling better soon!
Xx Jess

Ann Lederhose said...

Oh Congratulations Nic!!!!! Fantastic news. Hope the morning sickness abates soon.

Julie H said...

It's definetly not easy with two little ones to chase after - but hopefully the morning sickness settles down for you quickly!

take care and chat soon

Julie xx

Beth said...

Hope you arent sick for too much longer! Ohhhh how exciting!!!

Amy said...

CONGRATULATIONS NICOLE!!! Thats fabulous news. Hope your going to get better though and soon.
What a wonderful way to start the new year. Good luck with everything;-)

Lexie said...

I tend to lurk on your forum and dont comment but had to for this one.

Congratulations I hope everythign goes well!

Ali said...

Hi Nicole....
I 'MAY' have heard news of this last week from an excited
CONGRATS chooky!!
Cannot wait to catch up soon, you still coming to the crop Next weekend??
Chat soon
Ali x

Anonymous said...


Saw this on SM forum just before I read this!!

Hope you feel better soon!


AngC said...

Congratulations Nicole!! How exciting! Hope the morning sickness starts to go away and you feel a bit better soon. Let us know how your doctors visit went... and make sure you come and visit us soon!!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Wow...Congrats Nic!!

After you left me a cryptic message, I had to pop over!!

Of course you can use Ella!! LOL

Fabulous news babe!!

Chelle XX

Anonymous said...

huge congrats to you and your growing family.....celebrate girlfriend...its fabulous news..


Lisa said...

oh my!!! CONGRATS NIC!!!! thats amazing news!! wow. yay! :))

Ali said...

congratulations nic. that is fantastic news. hope you're feeling a bit better by now!

Michelle Jamieson said...

I'm baaaaccckkkk!!

This time I'm here to tag you!!
Check out my blog for details!

Chelle Xx

tracey said...

wow what fabbo news...shame about the morning sickness... try and get yourself lots of scrapping especially with your other children around.

Enjoy your pregnancy - oh and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Siany said...


Lisa said...

NIC!!!! you are too wonderful for words!!! i just got your amazing package today! i can't believe all of the goodies in there! i pretty much love you chick! hehe you're the bestest!

how is the preggo-ness going??

kayla renee macaulay said...

that is so awesome
wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy

I have tagged you on my blog also.