Sunday, 2 December 2007

Life in Pictures

We went up to Fire in The Sky in Rocky last night, had tea at Hogs Breath for Lukes Birthday, played with the camera, continually changed the settings and got some crazy shots, this is just a collection of the nearly 250 that I took. Couldn't believe that I took so many photos of nothing really, some sprinkles in the sky. We had a great night, chilled on the river banks with some friends. and talked alot of trash.

Charlotte being the disco queen she is with a glo stick.

love bubbles,
Our little tree.
It rained and rained yesterday, would of got atleast 6inches.
All the following photos were taken by my brother, one bloke that is good with a camera. Wants to get a Canon now too. Told him to wait for the 40D to go down in price.

(Reece's on/off GF)

So that's our week in pics.


Lisa said...

hi chick! haven't heard from you in a while, hope all is well! :)

your pictures are great! i love how you capture your kids! awesomeness.


Lauren said...

hay Nic, love all the picks love the lat one best though!!

Catch up with you soon, cheers,

Lauren x

Donna said...

Hi Nic! Wow - so I too can take night photos like that?! Did you have a you-beut flash or just the built in? I'm loving my new toy - can't believe I ever lived without it actually! Hey did a scroll down - some fabulous work I must say - I really love the blue one with tissue paper and oil pastels/crayons - you just go from great to amazing. Well done!!!

Lexie said...

Hi - love your photos, the fireworks looks amazing and you kids gorgeous!

Aslo - congrats on you SM published stuff this month. I just finished reading the amg. Love your work!


Anonymous said...

Loving all your pics hun :) And yup, congrats on the mag - thats so awesome!


binrow said...

Love all the pics there awesome!!


Donna said...

Hi Nic - have sent you a PM over at the SM forum - check it out and get back to me!!!!!!

Julie said...

What gorgeous pix Nic!! You did a brilliant job with the fireworks - was a great night wasn't it?

chat soon
Julie H xx

scrapwitch said...

super cute pics babe...your little ones are adoreable

Anonymous said...


I LOVE YOU said...