Thursday, 22 November 2007

Some random photos of our lives

Just love this photo

Miss Cheeky

Zac can now pull himself up. AND he is crawling, proper crawling.

our last ever photo of Nitro. He's gone missing, don't know what happened. Just never came home.

Sweet little rose bud

Me and my Aunt, watching Pay on Trev's phone

Zac doing what Zac does best - Eating

showing me that she has to have them all

Christmas photos

see what's in my SANTA's SACK

Chantelle's 1st Birthday, with mumma Jo

Gav and Jo's son Michael (who is younger than Charlotte)

Got the sads on

pretty pretty flowers

so this is our life in photos for the past week or so.


Binxcat1 said...

wow! some gorgeous photos there chickie... love that NOT interested LO the best! hahahah little monsters who won't cooperate witht the camera? Yep, got a few of those myself! LOL Sorry to hear about your puppy... big hugs.

Lali said...

Great photos Nic love the first photo of Zac the best what gorgeous eyes

RubyRox said...

WOOWW all these photos are GREAT!!

scrapwitch said...

sad to hear about nitro...
love your family pics there nic..scrap that sads on one now...its awesome

Melissa said...

Gorgeous photos nic....and the previous LOs too!
Your kids are lil spunks!LOL!

Anonymous said...

aw nic im sorry to hear about nitro, hope he comes back soon.

your kids are soooo cute, love that sad photo hehe.

love ya

(i cant log in to my blog i have no idea why so im annon.)

xx jodie

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

love the photos Nic especially the sad 1..... And so sorry to hear Nitro has gone walk abouts... hopefully he finds his way home soon.... big hugs honey

Julie H said...

What an awesome way to share a week in your life Nic - gorgeous pix!!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Wow...little Zac is crawling and pulling himself up!! How exciting!!

My little Zac starts Prep next they grow up??

Chelle Xx