Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Sharing again

just some of the stuff I've done since i last posted. just not feeling inspired at the moment and havent' really scrapped in about 2 weeks. nothing is doing it for me, just couldn't be bothered.
hope it passes soon.
peace out peeps


Jodie said...

ah totally hearing you, im uninspired lately, i just cant be bothered with it all.

but man i love these pages, your awesome, and you know i think your work is amazing, you inspire me alot. so maybe you could scrap to inspire me some?? hehehe and i can just kick ur butt so u can scrap that can be ur motivation? deal?

love ya babe


miasmummy said...

Hey Nic, love love love your pages, you will get it back, i go through phases all the time!!!! Hey, where you going to tread boards these days, don't see you at SM much anymore!!! Have a great Christmas and I just love your work!!! xxxx

Lisa said...

holy moly these are all fantastic!!! and where have you been missy? sistv misses you! lol ok, i miss seeing these gorgeous layouts and commenting on them!!

hope all is well chickie!

RubyRox said...

Man you are so talented and such an inspiration!! :)
LOVE everything!!

Lexie said...

Just gorgeous!

jess said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!!
And i just want to say... your Layouts are AWESOME!! I love your style!!!
And your kids are so cute!!
Xx Jess

suzie said...

Hi Nic,
fantastic LO's...
Suz X

scrapwitch said...

your freaking amazing each one totally inspire me soooo much

Binxcat1 said...

Holey Dooley chickie babe... always loved your work but these put you well and truely on my "I knew her before she was famous" list! ;)
Glad you got your little packet of German Scrap... I knew what to get you when you asked if I had used gutter guard (which is a great idea btw! LOL) on one of my LOs a little while back... you made me smile to hear you liked it. :)

Anonymous said...

What no mojo... kidding me arn't you xx that are bloody fantastic Nic xxx totally love the white making out layout xxx but they are all rockin sweet (almost makes me want to keep scrappin) Happy Christmas to you and yours dear Nic xxx

hope you find your scrappin mojo hun xxx

nikkihelen said...

If I had half of the mojo you have lost I'd be rock!!