Wednesday, 31 October 2007


I made a DESIGN TEAM at Scrapbook Capital along with Lali

totally excited and thrilled.

Thanks so much Lorrie

This is what I did for it.

We get to work with Julie and Fleur as they are the Artist's in the Spotlight.



Crazymumm said...

Omg........... way to go chicken xxx Awesome news.. your Work is Rockin xxx

Lali said...

Look forward to playing with your and the girls

scrapwitch said...

and so you should be on a design team...because you rock chicky

Ann Lederhose said...

HI Nic, caught up with Lauren on Fri night and she told me your exciting news so had to come along and say congrats! You do beautiful was only a matter of time before someone snapped you up! So excited for you