Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Tagged by Lali

Seven Random Facts:

1. I've been in a plane once
2. I am so horridly messy.
3. I only just realised that I have green eyes, Luke has hazel eys, Chalotte has brown eyes and Zac has blue eyes. (hmmm that's a fact)
4. I can't eat ice cream in the summer, makes me feel sick
5. I probably drink too much water, (about 4-5 Litres a day)
6. I haven't had an alcoholic drink in over three years.
7. I'm a product junkie.


Tracey said...

congrates on making the design team. Luv your layout

Lali said...

WOW icecream makes you sick is it the dairy???

Julie H said...

Congrats on making SC DT Nic!!!
Looking forward to seeing what you create.

chat soon
Julie xx

RubyRox said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! :D You sooo deserve it!! Your work is simply FABULOUS!! :)
Those random facts are seriously RANDOM hehe!! :)

Maz said...

Congrats on the Dt chicky, Very well deserved!


Beth said...

That means you probably pee heaps too then? LOL!

COngrats on the DT position!!!