Friday, 14 September 2007

Where have I been????

Sick, had tonsilitis, now the kids have it,
so it's just been a FUN household this past week.
With this happening,
haven't had time for photos
or felt like taking photos
So I've decided that I've finished my photo challenge.
Was fun while it lasted
but somedays I just don't want to get on the internet
and doing this challenge meant that I had too,
now I feel great knowing that I'll free to not to get on here EVERYDAY
And hopefully I'll get some more scrapping done
And my RAK girls, I'll get onto you. sorry for being so slow
Not alot is happening here currently.
I made it to round 6 of Idol, just got knocked out today. Sad, but hey that's the way the cookie crumbles. Also estatic that I made it this far, I think it was about 70 who started and to make it to the top 11, I'm feeling pretty proud in my efforts
Also won the very first FRIDAY NITE LIVE at Embellished too. Can't wait to see what the prize is going to be. Heading up that way tomorrow, just for a stop in visit. We are going to Yeppoon to see my Grandma, if the weather is nice, might take a wander to the beach, it's the most gorgeously devine beach day today. Bright, sunny and nearing on 30 degrees. Ahhhh here comes Summer, and I can't wait.
The kids are coping with being sick very well. Charlotte's demanding medicine all the time. But atleast she can blow her own nose.
My aunt is very ill, and won't be around much longer, Mum made a quick trip to Bundy yesterday to see her, said that it was sad, has lost alot of dignity. Which is awful for her, such a striking and classy lady. We couldn't go because of our illnesses. Don't want to be the one who causes her death. That's been the only reason we haven't been to see her. It's been a terrible illness which has just dragged on and on. Hopefully she will be at peace, when the time comes.
Still waiting on my Elsie to arrive,
so sad :(,
jealous cause I see everyone else playing.
Anyway people's that's about it.
Thanks to everyone one who stops and leaves me comments,
love you all.
Will catch up with everyone when I get some more time.
Also have a few shares to show, but need photo's first


binrow said...

Chin up, hope your all well soon!!

Sorry to hear that you challenge is over you had a some great pic in there, my fav was the upside-down one!!

But I know how you feel.


Lali said...

Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling the best and hope the kids are on the mend soon.

Gonna miss seeing your mug on here LOL.

Have fun tomorrow when you see TPTB.

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

So sorry to here you are not well Nic and I hope the best for your Aunty. Say hi to Ali, Julie, Ang and rest up there for me.... and have a great day
Commiz on the idol but congrats on the friday night live.... you go girl

Tracey said...

Hope everyone is feeling well soon. Will miss seeing your photos they have been great.

scrapwitch said...

get well chicka dee..i thinking of ya

Jodie said...

hey nic, hope ur feeling a bit better soon :)
sorry to hear a bout idol but hey u made it so far, im heaps proud of you!
im sorry to hear about your aunt also.

lots of love

Lisa said...

wow that was some update! hope the fam gets better soon!!

scrapwitch said...

missing ya mug..hoping that your much much better nicole

Terri H said...

Heya hunny,

Hope your family gets better soon. Sorry you havent been well either. I have been laying low...a few thing sgoing on here too.

CONGRATS on getting so far in Idol...your work truly rocks my world!!

Nikki said...

hope you're feeling better!! That's amazing 2 have done so well with embellished idol!! love your work xx Nikki

Sar said...

Hey Nic, hope you're better soon, babe. Its awful when it goes through the entire household. Sorry about your aunty, thats so sad. Congrats on the idol, thats an unreal achievement.