Wednesday, 19 September 2007

I hate blogger

Just a quick


I'm having ALOT of trouble uploading pix to my blogger at the moment.

Struggling with it for the past 4 days and nothing.

Might look at going to a different site if this doesn't improve.


Thanks to you all who have stopped by,
and all your well wishes.

Love ya.


Jess D said...

Hey Nic :)
I hate blogger too sometimes; uploading pics is a real bugger. I find uploading them in photobucket then just copying the link easier...but even that's still annoying!
My software I use to design the layout images is freezing everytime I've used it; so I'm in the process of getting something else; so haven't started your blog skin yet. Hope to soon, your images are gorgeous :)

xx Jess

Lali said...

My problem with blogger is when I open up the window it only shows me my banner and profile and after a couple of refreshing goes I will get the lot.

Some people I hear are having trouble trying to comment so go fiture Blogger Beta is Better after all.

I just couldn't be bothered changing or paying for one for that matter.