Thursday, 20 September 2007


We haven't been up to much today, did a quick trip into town, get a few things sorted.
Charlotte's only gone to bed, getting to be a right pain to get to sleep lately.

Zac's been cranky because of his teeth, number four is cutting at the moment. He's cut 3 in about two weeks.

Other than that nothing

loves ya all



miasmummy said...

Great pics Nic, love the LO's of your kids! They all can be childerbeasts hey!! In fact I love that word!! xxx

binrow said...

Yeh great to see you back Nic, love all the layouts. And I have 3 little beasts at the moment too and to boot its school holidays now so there here 24/7!!!!


karen e said...

These LO's are just awesome...

Lali said...

Great LOs Nic, love em all and I love those buttons, did you make them yourself if you did, please share :-)

scrapwitch said...

loving your layouts nic...your the bomb babe