Sunday, 26 August 2007

Ok this is photo #43,

Me, altered needed to look like death warmed up

my fault, suppose that's what you get by staying up til 3am

This is my round four Idol Page
use at least three 2x3 photos

Just some close ups

Did you see my Stuffie Jodes


Terri H said...

Loving that LO chicky! It is jsut senfreakinsational!

Tara said...

Awesome LO Nicole!!! I so can't do them with that much on them, You have done this one so well!! :)

Jodie said...

holy crap this is awesome love all the bits on it.
esp the bubble wrap awesomeness.

u better win!!!!


Beth said...

Cmon Nic - where is your stamina? I get home from work at 3am twice a week!
Cool layout! Goodluck with Idol!

Lali said...

You look fine Nic, I look like death warmed up most mornings LOL.

Great LO, I'm really enjoying this comp.

Michelle Jamieson said...

Great L/O babe!

I'm lovin all your shots from the 365 day challenge!

Chelle Xx

Charmed said...

I love to scrapbook too. Your pages are so cute!