Saturday, 25 August 2007

I *heart* my new camera

My boys
Contemplating the world

Big Sook
My Daily Number 43????

Where we had lunch

Catch those chips!!!!


Little Sook
A great day of playing with the camera

cannot wait to see what I can learn

need some classes.

No scrapping done, oh well

you get that


scrapwitch said...

totally freaking awesome shots great is it....!!!!!!!!
what stunning photos thes are ..prize winners thats for sure ...that sook pic is tops

Terri H said...

Oh Nic I love the pics. The one of the seagulls is great. Love the ones of the kids mid tanty...LOL they need to be scrapped ya know *wink*

Jodie said...

AWESOME PHOTOS!!!! yeah lovin em.
omg ur kids are super cute, and ur hubby is too hehe :D
and i really love that seagull photo the best, id love to see that up on a canvas, it so represents life hey
the quickest seagull gets the chip haha.
or something.

and nic, i HAVNT FORGOTTEN UR PAGES i just need to "locate" one, in all the packed up stuff which is still in boxes in the scrap room..ill send it soon i promise,im SO SORRY.

Lali said...

Hi Nic, came across your blog on Hetty's so thought I'd have a sticky and it looks great love your photos from your new camera you lucky duck, enjoy girl and I can't wait to see what you do with these new photos

miasmummy said...

Great shots Nic!!! Love seeing what others are up to in their lives!!! If you want some free classes for your camera, go to click on the classes link and there is a 10 lesson course on there, it is really interesting and even if you do it on your own, like I am, I rekon you would get something out of it.(i am)
Ali xxx

Charmed said...

You have the cutest kids!! Totally kissable little faces. I have two girls, kids are the best.

Melissa said...

Awesome Pics Nic....isn't it the best toy ever!!!!
Have fun capturing all those moments that make up "life"