Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Photo#6 and some pages!!!

Freakin Crazy Me
in B&W

Hey I know I'm a tool.
This just proves.
Glad I can make a fool of myself
Now come on everyone
have a good laugh at my expense
(btw don't pay any attention to Luke's calender in the background)

and all the mess.
Now the Serious part
my pages
let me know what you think
or I'll get Lisa to hex you. :D


scrapwitch said...

yea..ill hex ya if you dont leave nicole a message..
i think this is one fabulous funny photo...soo cool nic..yep we have to be able to laugh at ourselves..
i adore both of these layouts..they are so fun and arty...i just love them both

Jodie said...

haha thats classic. you really are a tool but u know that just makes u cooler in my eyes, not afraid to look silly in front of people.
ur awesome :D

and i think ur pages ARE AWESOME very fun bright and cute!!
love those birds!!!


nikkihelen said...

Love the pages!! I think it's great to let your true personality shine through your self portraits and your art work!!

xX Nikki Xx