Tuesday, 17 July 2007

photo #5

day 5 photo


Jodie said...

cool new pic, i love it.
and hey black docs!!! very cool.'


scrapwitch said...

great shot...bit like my first challenge pic..i titled it ...what the f$#@ was i thinking..365days of photos..i love your docs...too..ive got cherrys atm ,but im thinking about a news bright blue pair

Donna said...

Hey Nic - love this photo! I think I like the idea that it doesn't have a caption - you could be thinking so many things - or watching a boring movie... he he! I told Pip you'd joined up so now she's got a link to your blog at her site - did you know? I'll stop by each day to see you rpics now - I'm still not sure if I'll do the whole year or just this month - such a chicken!!!BTW - your art is just cruising atm - you're churning out some real rippas - you go girl!