Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Zac had his Needles

We had a pretty boring week, last week, housework and Scrapping, in between entertaining the kids, Zac's had a few very bad days. Won't stop crying, wants to be held, etc, etc.

Haven't been liking my scrapping of late. I think it's boring and plain. Not enough going on but I'm just not into it, have lost my IT.

We went to town today, Zac had to get his 4 month needles, wasn't too bad. I had to hold him like he was having a feed and he was getting more pissed cause he wasn't getting boob than actually having the needles. As soon as I sat him up he was right.

Scrap shopping was next and boy did I spend up at Scrapbook Fantasies. Had a great time, post more later.

We had a good day, the kids were happy for a change, and Zac even had a little sleep. Luke came with us, he had the day off only because he worked last Wednesday (Anzac Day) and he had to go in and load a truck this morning (at 4 am)

That's about all just got groceries and meat and came home.

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Michelle Jamieson said...

Poor little Zac...although he sounds like he dealt with it quite well.
My Ella has just had hers(18mths), and was so expecting her to scream, and she didn't shed a tear...My big girl!!

WOW, What a supply! Better get to work now. LOL

Chelle Xx