Tuesday, 1 May 2007


This is What I got today!!!!!
My Spending SPREE!!!

1x Monthly Kit
1x Embellishment Pack
1x Maya Road Chipboard Tin
1x MM 8" Chipboard Monogram
1x Chatterbox Doodling Genie
1x Jumbo Brads
2x Wire Reels
4x Uniballs
1x Disney Stickers
15x PP
24x CS
2x Prima Bottles
1x Album
3x Refills
1x Fancy Pants Rubons
1x Imaginisce Bejewelled Brads
1x Imaginisce Kewl Stuff Brads
1x HS Journalling Spots
6x Frangapani's
15 meters ribbon
2x Vellum Quote Books
10x Sticker Packs
1x Chipboard Buttons
2x Chipboard Alphabet
Now who can tell me how much I spent????
There is a RAK for the person who gets this correct or comes closest.
Leave me a comment
Will keep this open until Sunday 6th May.


Jodie.. said...

wow u spent up BIG!!! thats so so much stuf. good on ya hehe.
my guess is 300ish dollars? LOL
$315.96 to be exact.....LOL

i tried to add up what i know prices of but then i just got lost and didnt have a clue so yep...its prolly higher.

Michelle Jamieson said...

I'm gonna say about $140?
Probably so wrong!! LOL :)

Chelle Xx

Jodie.. said...

unlesss....there was a 50% off sale at the shop then im guna be totaly off the mark hey.

cmon spill!! :P hehe

Vesna said...
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Mumma_Mone said...

I really haven't a clue as I haven't brought any scrapping stock in it seems like ever well over 6mths so my guess is $287.

have to say I love your pages there very inspiring.

Vesna said...

maybe about $350.... it's hard to say we don't know if anything was on sale.

Jo said...

Love your new scrap stash ... Its nice to spoil yourself sometimes .... and just think of all the beautiful LO's you can complete with that lot.... enough to fill a couple of blogs... love your work.... have I seen a couple of you LO's in magazines before?? They look familiar... anyway back to your question about your spending spree .... I came up with two figures .... My first guess is $348.85 and my second is slightly higher at $369.50 .... I figure it must be somewhere in this vicinity considering all the yummy products you got. Love you new blog and Enjoy you new stash :D

Ali said...

Just thought I would drop by and Say hi!!!
Love your goodies from your shopping spree...
I am guessing $247
Chat soon

kayla renee macaulay said...

i guess $336.36 lol!

i love your choices, very noice!!!