Sunday, 20 May 2007

I've been abit Lazy

Haven't been in here for nearly a week. Opps, other things on my mind. That and the fact nothing's been happening.

Went up to Rocky on Wednesday, did over Embellished, very cool, great shop, can't wait til I get back up there. Brought up big AGAIN. Don't think I can go into a scrap shop without spending under $100. I did have my $25 voucher I won in the CC.

I got my hair cut too. It's falling out so bad since I had Zac, same thing happened after Charlotte too, but it just scares me, I love my hair. Will have to post a pic later.

Been scrapping up heaps, did a few pages for Submission. And one for the Scrapbook Creations colour Challenge. I love it, can't wait til I'm able to share. Same goes with the rest of my pages. Now I just have to think about what to do for Masters, too bloody hard though, I don't know what's going to happen with it.

The kids are doing great. Charlotte's talking up heaps, getting 3 and 4 word sentences happening now, it's just so cute. Not long and Zac will be like this too, time is just going to fast.

Zac's getting up on his knees, well lifting his bum in the air when he's on his belly, loves to roll over too. Charlotte is so good with him, you can just see her mind ticking over, can't wait til his big enough to play, she's already involving him in so much of what she does now.

Better go, enough rambling on with stuff.



Karen L said...

Great layout Nicole - the title so fits the picure, Loving your layouts you have posted in your blog. Checked out Embellished last week also - it is a really great shoppe isn't it. I find it hard to go in there and not spend money either.

Jodie.. said...

this layout is so beautiful
what a great photo also!!

what did u buy at embellished???

hey show a pic of ur hair cut i wana see :D
doesnt new hair make u feel great :D

scrapwitch said...

this layout is awesome nicole..i just love a sleeping child and what gorgeous baby...your layout complements your pic beautifully