Sunday, 18 March 2007

Hi all!!

Just spent today being lazy, was going to do so much scrapping but it never happened. Oh well. I did however complete two pages last night when my DH was at the Speedway, but it was also another 1am bed time. I went through all my photo's of Charlotte and decided what I would like to scrap, now I'm stuck with doing about 50+ layouts plus what I'm doing now. Where am I going to get the time.

Zac's been miserable for the past two days, this is sort of contributing to the no scrapping as well. He's really hungry but doesn't want anything but boob. Tried him with Farax but really doesn't like it. but then again Charlotte didn't either.

Charlotte's been in a bit of a mood too, terrible two's I suppose, everything is nup, nup, nup. Although she did some great drawing and painting the other day which hopefully is going to make a fantastic page. I got her to paint a piece of white cardstock and it's pretty bright, I also got some great photo's of her.

Until next time


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