Thursday, 15 March 2007

Some of my new layouts

We had a few very hot days here over 40, just feel sorry for Zac, poor little thing having to with stand this heat. Well we survived that's the main thing, I suppose. At least I really got stuck into my Scrapbooking, to hot to do anything else, well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Charlotte's been incredible funny, she loves to help out but she always seems to make more of a mess and when you look at her she turns and says Whoops or Uh No. Zac just started on solids didn't really like them though, might actually give him a couple more weeks, it's just he's wanting to feed all day and it's hard for me to do anything, like stop Charlotte from getting into my scrap supplies, *lol* everything revolves around Scrapping. Not much else to report. Spent up very big at the Scrapbook Fantasies Birthday Sale, not that Luke minds as he's just discovered how great this craft is. That's about it, will get on and post some more when I'm not surrounded by everyone wanting my attention.


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Mumma_Mone said...

i love your LO of 12ths of you it beautiful.

The LO of Zac with the star is great too he's a little cutie.