Saturday, 1 June 2013

Sports Day, why do the parents get injured

I've always had a love for school sports day.
The rush to try and win.
Do better than your competition.
Have your 'house' come out on top.

Now as a parent at sports day, wholly, it all takes on a different meaning. Think we take it to a new level. The parent ball games are intense. There's a fierce competition happening these days. Doesn't help that most of us went to school together way back when 😉

Well this year it was great to see we had enough parents to form two teams each. What a blast. There were jibes from the opposing 'house', all our kids yelling for us (somehow I don't know if it was support or embarrassment). Lots of laughs from parents who were skidding on the grass and ending spread eagle on the ground.

Then there was me. Breaking a finger playing tunnel ball.

How you ask???

No idea to tell you the truth. I don't remember pain until afterwards. Thinking my engagement ring was feeling tight. Well let me tell you, good thing I removed those rings when I did, otherwise they wouldn't have survived another day.

Insane how quickly it swelled and now what a glorious shade of purple/blue my finger and parts of my palm are.

The photos tell the story 😉

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