Thursday, 28 April 2011

Canvas fun :)

Finally got around to finishing off my first She Art Canvas, little different to what we were taught and totally HUGE at 20x50cm, lol, totally and utterly IN LOVE.... this class is absolutely fantastic. While I'm a messy sort of person anyway and have always painted and drew this just combines it all and it's no where as hard as it looks Christy is the best teacher, breaks it all down simple.

This little beauty is being actioned off on Sunday :) so if you are in the Rockhampton district and want a fun play day away from the kids check out Crafting For Cancer. I love love love this one, it's only small but was so perfect to work on.

I brought so many canvases yesterday that I think you'll all be bombarded with She Art for awhile, lol



Chantal said...

Wow Nic this is fabulous!!!!!!!

Melinda said...

OH WOWO Nic!!! Just so gorgeous I want to reach out and touch it!!! Can't wait to see more of your canvas work, definitely won't be tired of seeing your stunning work :))
Take care xx

Jessemiah said...

Heya Miss Nic P.....Ok first of all AWESOME work...very inspiring : ) Second of all THANKYOU so so much for showing this on your blog.....Have been feeling a little Lost, daunted, overwhelmed etc when it comes to my scrapping.....I've been immersing myself in the She Art course this afternoon.....Man I feel inspired and enthusiatstic.....and filled with creativity again!! Wooohoo....Thanks for sharing so much! I think I may need to order some mor "Modge" podge ; ) Can't wait to see what else you come up with...Love and Peace xox

Deb said...

love them both but the big one is just gorgeous!!! Looks like a fabulous class :) Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous work. Take care, Deb xx

Cathy said...

WOW stunning work Nic!!! :)

Aga said...

Um can I just say WOW!!! I adore all the gorgeous layers in your huge canvas and imagine it must have been so much fun to create! Looking forward to seeing what you will come up with for your next lot too :)
Take care
Aga xx