Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Making Flowers :)

Since Aussie Scrap Source have been doing their Make it Yourself challenges, I've been 'meaning' to join in, had ideas just never got them down :( FINALLY. I got one finished. On time but not on time to email it too them (thanks so much to Suz who said I could email anyway xx)

You - This past weeks Challenge was flowers :) worked in well as I found a fantastic vid on how to make CUTE flowers. Past week that's all I've done really. lol
Pulled out this gorgeous paper by Echo Park. I've only had it sitting for 3 months, ekkk, and got stuck in.
Pic is one of the latest of Charlotte and the journaling is just me saying how I'm so thankful she loves school.

Yes I know all my up close pics are of my flowers but I'm a little excited at how well they turned out :)


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